Experienced Support For Your Business Law Needs in Greensboro, NC

Experienced Support For Your Business Law Needs in Greensboro, NC

Sooner or later, every business needs legal assistance - even just for the routine functions of the business. Contracts and transactions are at the heart of what every company does, and it's crucial that those documents and deals be properly written so that all parties receive the product or service they've been promised.

And if a contract is ever violated, a business may need to assert its legal rights through litigation.

The Roupas Law Firm, PLLC, can help with all your corporate and business law needs. Our Greensboro attorneys are experienced in contract review, forming all types of corporate entities, updating corporate records, handling employment matters and a wide range of other legal services. Further, our attorneys have successfully represented business entities in disputes with other business entities and in disputes with individuals.

Experienced Legal Support For Businesses And Individuals

We can assist with a wide range of legal services for businesses of any size, as well as individuals interacting or in a dispute with a business.

We have helped our clients with services, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts
  • Drafting and reviewing business contracts
  • Drafting and reviewing asset agreements
  • Resolving contract disputes
  • Litigation
  • Business formation
  • Business transactions
  • Updating corporate records

Our business law attorney also serves as counsel for legal advice and guidance for transaction work.

Roupas Law Firm, PLLC, serves individuals and businesses in Guilford, , Rockingham, Randolph, and Forsyth counties, and throughout North Carolina.

To learn how our law firm's services can benefit you, contact us online or call us at 336-272-7272 and schedule a consultation.