Skilled And Reputable Civil Litigation Representation in Greensboro, NC

Roupas Law Firm, PLLC, in Greensboro, strives to provide the highest quality representation when it comes to civil litigation cases. Our attorneys have extensive experience trying cases in North Carolina state and federal courts regarding a wide variety of civil and commercial legal matters. This includes handling administrative cases or cases up for appeal. Whether it is through negotiation or in trial, our focus is always upon finding the correct available solution for you.

The Civil Litigation Services Our Lawyers Provide

The Civil Litigation Services Our Lawyers Provide

Our firm provides representation in diverse areas of law such as family law and divorce, real estate, probate, personal injury and business concerns. We routinely try the following sorts of cases in court:

Whatever your legal matter, we will devote a substantial amount of time and resources toward resolving it. With strong investigative skills, attention to detail and access to experts and resources, we are able to assemble the evidence and witness testimony needed to ensure the best possible outcome.

Business And Commercial Litigation

Attorney Thomas F. Roupas, Jr., has been providing successful resolution of cases through litigation during his private practice for 15 years. His commitment is toward attending to your needs. As someone with real world business experience, he understands the concerns that businesses have when involved in litigation. Because of his close attention to detail, he has an outstanding record in representing businesses during civil litigation matters.

Putting Experienced Representation On Your Side

While we cannot guarantee success in every matter, we work extremely hard toward getting those we represent the desired result.

Our approach to litigation cases revolves around the needs of those we represent. Our firm is particularly attentive to client concerns regarding expense of time and money. Therefore, we represent individuals and businesses in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

To learn more about the litigation representation that Roupas Law Firm, PLLC, can provide for you, call our law office at 336-272-7272 or contact us online.