Criminal Defense Attorney in Greensboro, NC For Misdemeanors

When you are charged with a crime, a conviction can result in large fines and even jail time. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you and protect your rights.

The Criminal Defense Representation We Provide

The Criminal Defense Representation We Provide

Roupas Law Firm, PLLC, in Greensboro, has successfully represented clients charged with a wide range of crimes in North Carolina courts, including:

The Serious Consequences Of Drunk Driving

If you are charged with a DWI, a conviction can result in large fines, lengthy probation, court-ordered alcohol treatment and education, loss of your driver's license for an extended period of time, and even a jail sentence. Driving while impaired is a serious criminal charge and you need a serious and experienced drunk driving lawyer to go to work for you. In addition to aggressively advocating for you in the criminal DWI case, our lawyers will work with you to pursue the restoration of your driving privileges.

Regardless of the offense you are charged with, you have the right to have your attorney present at all proceedings, including during any questioning by police or prosecutors.

Roupas Law Firm, PLLC, provides aggressive defense in criminal defense cases. We provide such representation in Guilford, Alamance, Rockingham, Forsyth and Randolph counties, as well as the entire state of North Carolina.

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